Project Description


My name is Sophie and I am just an everyday person that has experienced my own fitness journey over the past 9 years. I used to be excessively over weight and miserable, so I decided that something had to change. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with my little ones, which was a big motivator. So I got up, got moving and never looked back. It wasn’t easy and I wanted to give up so many times, but with the support of a great PT and a good kick up the butt, I was able to achieve some pretty amazing things.

My journey is what made me decide I wanted to be a Personal Trainer. I wanted to be able to help people like my Trainer helped me and show clients that I am living proof that anything is possible with the right attitude.


  • Certificate III Fitness
  • Certificate IV Fitness
  • First Aid and CPR certified
  • Blue card (working with children)


  • Assisting and supporting weight loss
  • Assist with improving overall health, fitness and well-being
  • Assisting with post-natal recovery and weight loss
  • Qualified Zumba Instructor