All bookings can be made in club. Online bookings coming soon.
We will always have a staff member 100% dedicated to looking after the creche to ensure the safety of the kids and peace of mind for mum or dad.

If all positions are booked we will open a waiting list and contact you when a position is cancelled or becomes available.

Each booking is for 90mins, if your more than 15mins late for your booking we may offer the position to the next person on the waiting list.
Cost for 90mins is $5 / child. (60mins on weekends)

Bookings can be made any time within 7 days prior. Multiple bookings can only be made if prepaid.

If you have not shown or cancelled bookings regularly we may suspend this service for a period time.

Booking times may not suit everyone and if you’d like more hours of the day or other days and times feel free to let us know by emailing us at pacfair@EMFitness.com.au or tell one of our friendly staff.

All parents leaving kids in the creche must have completed a Creche waiver and signed in there kid/s at reception / Creche point.

Only the parent signing in there child is allowed to sign out their child, parents cannot use as a drop off and picking up. We will refuse to allow any other person to sign out a child that hasn’t initially signed a child into the club.

Parents will complete the sign in sheet which outlines there training outfit and location along with the kid/s clothing decription to make finding mum or dad if needed an easy process.

Our Creche supervisors are there to mind children only, they not available to change nappies or kids clothing, parents should bring a change of clothes and nappies for parents to change if required.

All children brought EMF Creche under 12 months should be brought in a pram to ensure an easy exit in case of emergency, no pram is the parents decision and is at their own risk.

Parents are allowed to leave a bottle of water with their child, however, no food products are allowed inside the creche facility for safety of other children and any possible allergies. (any item left with their child must be labelled with the kids name)

Comfortable clothing is recommended as kids playing and having a good time is our priority.

Kids attending creche are to be within 6 months – 12 years of age.

All EMF Creche staff will be qualified and experience creche supervisors.

All staff working with any children will have a blue card and come under all QLD Legislation for creche.

All payments for Creche must be made in club at the front counter.

Parents will not be allowed to check in kid/s unless payment has been received at the front counter.

If parents have pre-paid for the creche service they may call and book. Our system doesn’t allow for bookings outside of the current week so staff will not be able to assist with this under any circumstances.

At EMF Creche we will have several entertainment options including Television and games, if you provide your own entertainment for your kid/s it is so at your own risk of damage.

Staff will do there best to ensure that all kids are entertained and playing in a safe manner.

We do ask that all kids be advised by parents to be on there best behaviour and play nice with other kids. Staff will always try and diffuse any issues in a positive manner and use only positive language to children in the creche. If any children are being disruptive or behaving negatively with other children parents will be advised in club. If any incidents arise as we all know kids will be kids a member of staff will come and inform the parents whilst the creche supervisor stays onsite with the children.

Children will only be refused entry if a pattern of bad behaviour is seen on multiple visits or if an incident is deemed by management to be of risk for further access.

Prior to your child’s first visit to EMF Creche, parents/guardians must complete and return a Creche Waiver and provide an up-to-date immunisation record for each child. Due to health and safety risks, any children not immunised are unable to attend the EMF Creche due to their risk to outbreak of immunised illness’.

Creche supervisor is there to attend and maintain a safe environment for the children. Creche supervisor will clean up any water bottle spills and maintain a safe and clean creche facility, any vomiting or body fluids i.e nappy spills, will be the parents responsibility to clean up after their child. If such an incident occurs a staff member will find the parent in the club to advise them and they will come and sort to their child and mess, they then can return to training or the class after this occurs.

When signing in kid/s into the creche’ a note of any cuts or bruises will be made by parents/creche’ supervisor on sign in sheet to ensure EMF is aware of any pre-existing injuries

EMF has the right to refuse entry to any kid/s that appear to be ill or injured that we feel might put other children at risk.

No member of EMF Staff, Personal Trainers or Creche Supervisor is authorised to administer any medication to any member or child on site. If parents have specific emergency medication for their child they will leave with creche supervisor for the parent to administer in case of emergency.

If any incident occurs within the Creche with a child the following emergency procedure will be followed:

  1. Creche Supervisor will raise the alarm to EMF staff or Personal Trainers
  2. Creche supervisor remains inside the creche’ to comfort the child and attend to any first aid that may be required.
  3. A member of staff or personal trainer will be notified immediately to call an ambulance if required
  4. A member of staff or personal trainer will find the parent onsite and bring them immediately to the creche’
  5. Creche’ supervisor will explain the situation to the parent and then leave the child in the parents care and attend to the remainder of the children in creche.
  6. EMF staff will then assist in any capacity to the parent caring for the child.
  7. Creche’ supervisor will then write an incident report and get the parent to sign before leaving the club