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A.B.T is a fun class designed to work the legs and booty.

This class will mainly contain weighted exercises with high reps to help tone and shape those abs, bums and thighs.
A.B.T is a low-intensity class with a high burn and will only take 30 minutes to get the tone you’re looking for.

Whether you are familiar with Yoga or not, Aerial Yoga is a fun practice defying gravity. Each practice will build confidence and strength, working on technique, increasing flexibility and core strength.
This class also provides spinal health by encouraging the lengthening of your spine and toning of your muscles whilst increasing core strength.

Classes will utilise the hammock to refine your postures along with increase your body awareness and strength, all whilst having fun.
Yoga inspired postures that make your weekly stretch routine unique.

This class also provides spinal health by lengthening the body within the hammock and increasing the range of motion in all other joints due to the feeling of weightlessness and support.

DURATION: 60mins

With the same concept as our traditional EMF Fit 45 class, this takes it to another level – Altitude! Altitude training restricts the oxygen content in the room making it harder to exercise. This class has an emphasis on strength, endurance and conditioning.

DURATION: 45mins

Altitude training restricts the oxygen content in the room making it harder to exercise. Altitude training can produce increases in speed, strength, endurance and metabolic rate.
This class is a 30-minute high-intensity workout with a focus on fitness and power.

Exercises can include a mix of weights & cardio.

Altitude training improves your metabolic rate. After a workout at a higher altitude, you will be able to burn more calories over the next 12 – 15 hours, which means you are still burning calories while sitting in front of the television.

Get fit in the pool.
Each movement in Aqua Fit is met with resistance from the water, which builds strength and increases flexibility.
The low-impact nature of Aquafit makes it a great option for anyone recovering from injury.

This class acts as a fantastic strength workout and can be used for recovery after a hard weights session as well.

DURATION: 60mins

Is a 60-minute session designed to lengthen and tone your whole body.
Work hard in a safe environment with other people wanting the same goal as you.

Barre is a pilates/ballet fusion offering you a variety in the way you sculpt and tone your body. It’s a beautiful way to work hard, have fun & mix up your workout week.

Beginners yoga is a gentle introduction to the foundations of yoga.

The simple sequences ensure that the yogi is able to experience the right mix of strength and flexibility to create a balanced mind, body and soul.
Beginner asana poses are held with options for more advanced variations to also cater for the more experienced yogi.

Yoga can be practised for its physical benefits, however, consistency over a long period of time will unlock all these elements, come along to discover Yoga’s truest meaning.

Boxing is a 45mins class which has an emphasis on correct technique to improve endurance and power.
Whether you are wishing to improve your cardiovascular fitness, confidence levels, focus, or just wanting to pack a good punch this class is for you.

EMF Bootcamps are where the EMF story began.
Who better to write a Bootcamp program than our owners themselves, two ex-military buffs!!
Bootcamp is a 1-hour session that takes the ideals of military-based training, functional exercises, plyometrics and agility.
This combined with high-intensity exercises and strength-based cardio EMF BOOTCAMP is a great, fun way to get you into shape, FAST.

Get leaner, faster and stronger in this full-body class.

You will activate every muscle in your body whilst burning calories for hours after your workout.
Studies have shown resistance based training can burn more calories than cardio.
So don’t be shy girls and guys, get that EMF Fit45 body we’ve all been admiring!

DURATION: 45mins

EMFXFitWide 1
A typical Fit 60 class will include a warm-up or stretch, strength or skill work and a conditioning piece that generally incorporates all areas of functional movement.
A big emphasis is placed on the strength and skill work as this is the foundation of movement.

Squatting, deadlifting and variations of the press are covered.

DURATION: 60mins

These classes are designed to be simple and effective and focus entirely on building your cardiovascular endurance instead of focusing on the strength or skill component covered in a Fit 60 class.
The workouts typically incorporate some team-based work, high reps and functional movement.

DURATION: 60mins

EMF H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training) is resistance cardio training in which you alternate short, very high-intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover.
This type of training helps to improve performance, fitness levels and most importantly the ability of the muscles to burn fat.

Come along and kick your body into hyper-drive.

DURATION: 30mins

Enjoy your favourite yoga class in our heated room. The purpose of hot yoga is to encourage detoxification of the organs produced through sweating. As well as detoxifying the body, it improves flexibility, boosts stamina, improves your overall fitness, burns calories, relieves stress and increases the flow of your circulation.

* Members must bring their own yoga mats. Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat.

DURATION: 60mins

Instilling healthy habits through functional training made fun! Our kids bootcamp classes can include boxing, dancing, games etc.

DURATION: 45mins

This class is performed in a dark room with interactive neon lights that move to the beat of the music. With mix of cardio and functional movements, this class caters for beginners through to advanced and is designed to make you sweat and feel good!

DURATION: 45mins

This is a 45 minute, low-impact class aimed at strengthening, toning and shaping your lower body.

We will be using a mixture of free weights for strength training and resistance bands for the burn to sculpt all parts of your lower body. (Thighs, Hamstrings, Glutes & Calves) This class is suitable for all fitness levels.


Metafit is a 30-minute bodyweight HIIT experience designed to work all muscle groups in an unchoreographed, simple to follow group format.
Workouts are generally no longer than 20-24 minutes with short workout/rest times to keep your body guessing.

Burn up to 350 calories during your workout and up to 600 calories in the following 24-36 hours after.
It’s tough, that’s why it works!

DURATION: 30mins

This class is designed to improve your performance in running, cycling and rowing/swimming and it’s for all levels of fitness, regardless of age or training history. Whether your goal is to lose weight, run a marathon or do a triathlon, this class will help you get there. And the best thing: it’s in the altitude room!

DURATION: 45mins

Class Pilates2
Pilates is a great core-strengthening workout, however, unlike many other forms of exercise, it trains the body as an integrated whole, not favouring or overworking singular muscle or body parts.
All Pilates exercises are resistance-based and therefore, ideal for injury rehabilitation.
Pilates will promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joint, so tone up those often neglected inner muscles.

DURATION: 60mins

Prama Strength is a circuit-based group training session. It combines the best of strength & high-intensity training using medium to high load accessories.

DURATION: 45mins

Pump classes are an all over, full-body resistance training session designed for all of your major muscle groups, resulting in increased muscle tone.
The ultimate benefits are increased strength, improved general fitness, better shape and body tone.

Regular pump classes will help to protect your bones and joints from injury; will help you to get into shape fast, and overall feel more confident.
So if you’re getting tired of your regular weights routine try out our Pump classes to spice it up.

DURATION: 45mins

A wide variety of exercises are performed on the reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Most Reformer Pilates exercises have to do with pushing or pulling on the bed or holding the bed steady during an exercise as it is pulled on by the springs.
Reformer Pilates takes your body through all planes of motion and addresses every joint in a flowing, structured workout. The system uses both compound and simple movements and low repetition to accomplish full body training.

Through a series of precise, controlled movements it targets all muscle groups in the body whilst working on posture, functionality and flexibility. It is also one of the ultimate mindful training practices, aiding stress & anxiety relief through breath which is one of the most key principles of traditional Pilates.

See reception on how you can add this class to your membership today and information on how you can attend the next class.

DURATION: 60mins

Six pack attack is a highly effective 30 minute class that focuses on your core and abdominal muscles.
For most people abdominal muscles are too often neglected or not trained properly. Join this class to ensure your six pack is worked out to its maximum potential.

All fitness levels are welcome, from the total beginner to the advanced trainer, this class will ensure those abs are on FIRE!

DURATION: 30mins

spin class at the gym
Spin is a 45-minute sweaty session you must try! The room is blacked out, the music is pumping and the instructor is on fire.
The energy of the instructor and those riding next to you will keep you coming back for more.
This class is designed for an intermediate/advanced rider that wants to work hard and burn 500 + calories plus each session.

DURATION: 45mins

Spin express is a 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results.

It’s a short, intense style of training where the thrill and motivation comes from pushing your physical and mental limits.
This workout drives your body to burn calories for hours by combining bursts of intensity with periods of rest.

DURATION: 30mins

Stretch is a class designed to stretch the entire body to increase flexibility, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, whilst improving your recovery process and state of mind.

DURATION: 60mins

Keen on group fitness, but are new, coming back from an injury or just want something lower-impact?

This supervised circuit provides the perfect mix of resistance-based training and cardio challenges to get you moving in ways that work for you.
You may even learn some new skills and technique tweaks along the way!

DURATION: 45mins

This class is designed for all standards and abilities of swimmers, catering for masters swimmers, triathletes and open water competitors along with social swimmers.
You will learn how to swim faster, improve endurance, race strategy and stroke correction to maximise your efficiency in the water.

DURATION: 45mins

Tabata is an interval-based style of training, revolving around time-based exercises with short but acute stress on the body, providing optimal fat burning results.

It includes a wide variety of resistance and aerobic exercises, so come along and give the latest workout trend a go.

DURATION: 30mins

Yoga at the gym
Yoga is not for the most flexible, however, it is for the most willing!

Yoga not only improves your flexibility, joint stability, range of motion, body and spatial awareness but helps you learn breath control, produce detoxifying effects and relax the mind & body.
Yoga can be practised for its physical benefits, however, consistency over a long period of time will unlock all these elements, come along to discover Yoga’s truest meaning.

DURATION: 60mins

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